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James Zarei – Winner Of The Last GB 6 Day Race

James Zarei and Pam Storey

James Zarei pictured here with Pam Storey at the Barry 40.

One of the greatest British multiday runners of all time is James Zarei who, we are delighted to announce, will be coming to the British Ultra Fest to start the race and to present the post-race awards.
Heading the top of the 6 day records list with his amazing performance at Gateshead Stadium in 1990 when Zarei won the last six-day race to take place in Britain. His distance of 622 miles, was one mile short of the British record set in 1888 when George Littlewood covered 623 miles 1,320 yards at Madison Square Garden in New York. Amazingly the race was stopped for two and a half hours for a friendly football match to take place on the infield pitch costing Zarei a potential 15 miles and the British record.
James legendary performances continued in 1994 and 95 when he won the 164 mile Spartathlon. James and Patrick Macke are the only British winners of that race.
Independent article: A legend in the long run; James Zarei

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