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The 1989 Blackpool 48 Hour Race

Ultrarunning Legends Richard Brown on the left with Kouros and Malcolm Campbell on the right. Photo courtesy of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team

The last 48 hour race to take place in the UK was at Blackpool on the 8th July 1989. Richard Brown who will be running in the 6 day race this year won that event with just over 350 km. Richard holds the GBR 48 hour record with 401.210km which he set at Surgeres in 1991.

There was also a 48 hour race in 1988 in Blackpool where Hilary Walker ran 366.512km to set the current women’s GBR track record.

The DUV lists three 48 hour races that have taken place in the UK with the first being the 48 hour track race in Gloucester in 1983 and the results show, if that is indeed the sum total of 48 hour races to be held in the UK, that there have been 42 people who have taken part in these events. Opportunity for age group records abounds.

These were the results of the 1989 race which can be found with more detail on the DUV website.

RankNat.YOBSurname, first nameM/FPerformance
1GBR1946Brown, RichardM350.188 km
2TUR1948Meric, SükrüM340.648 km
3GER1936Marquardt, Friedrich-WilhelmM333.406 km
4GBR1943Covell, JeffreyM312.944 km
5GER1933Vollmerhausen, ChristelF305.798 km
6GBR1949Brown, SandraF292.296 km
7GBRLea, PeterM283.750 km
8GBR1938Ives, GrahamM273.679 km
9GBR1947Hamson, PeterM264.269 km
10GBR1952Knight, TonyM260.594 km
11IRL1950Emmott, BrianM229.525 km
12GBR1953Hodson, PeterM142.426 km
13USA1958Olivera, MichaelM126.735 km

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